Systemplays.com is your online source for quality sports betting picks. Every play is 100% free with absolutely no strings attached and they are posted right here and on Twitter well in advance of the games in most cases.

My name is Doug Fitz. I live in Las Vegas and have been handicapping and betting sports since 1985.

I have no interest in being a tout and I only strive to establish a solid and honest reputation among the sports betting community and my followers.

I have appeared on several local radio shows, most notably THE LAS VEGAS SPORTSLINE which airs Mon - Fri 2:00 - 3:00 PM PT on ESPN Radio 1100 AM and 98.9 FM hosted by Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review Journal and long time Las Vegas handicapper and radio personality Dave Cokin.

I am a frequent contributor in the HOT CORNER section of the Las Vegas Review Journal sports section year round and I write several feature articles analyzing the NFL in the Sunday sports section. I also participate in the Las Vegas Review Journal's NFL Challenge contest matched up against other well known handicappers, LVRJ sports writers and Las Vegas sportsbook directors. In 2011 I won this contest and I placed 2nd in 2009 and 2013. 

In addition, I achieved top NBA win % for March, 2012 and top overall win % for February, 2014 at my monitoring site, Capperswatchdog.com. Please note that the lines I post from the 2 below listed books may differ slightly from lines available to me at Cappers Watchdog. This is beyond my control.

Please follow me on Twitter @fitz_doug (also #sportsbetting). Due to time constraints and website logistics; teasers, 2nd half plays, etc. may be posted on Twitter prior to being posted on the site. If I am unable to post any of these plays on Twitter then I won't post them later on the site for transparency and integrity.

I operate and maintain the site totally on my own which is why this is not a glamorous site. I'd rather spend my time giving out good, solid information and plays rather than having a site full of ads or useless marketing hype. I don't include write ups with the plays because, after all; it is a free site. Be rest assured though that my plays are properly analyzed and studied.

Success in sports betting can come only by first leaving your emotions and opinions completely out of your handicapping and replacing those with statistical and/or situational based analysis and research. Systems, strong situational factors and recent performance generally factor into my plays.

I don't promise or claim ridiculous winning percentages as some sites do because those claims are fairy tales no matter how good you are or what form of handicapping you use. 

Sports betting should be treated as a long term investment strategy just like the stock market. Anyone can have very good or very bad short term winning or losing streaks and I certainly want plenty of the former but long term consistency is the goal I hope to achieve. I personally wager on the selections I post on the site so I do put my money where my mouth is.

Pending plays are listed on my "plays" page along with the results from the previous 30 days so you can easily track my recent record.
My "results" page tracks my results in each sport per season and my total results per year.  

I don't have a set number of plays. Some days will produce no plays while other days may have several.

The lines or odds are the best numbers from either the Stations or CG Technology (formerly Cantor) sports books in Las Vegas at the time the play(s) is posted.

All football and basketball pointspreads or totals are -110 unless otherwise noted.

All baseball plays are with listed pitchers. Any game not starting with either listed pitcher, postponed, suspended or not completed by Las Vegas rules will simply be taken off the "plays" page. 1st 5 inning play is listed as "F5". 

I'll make every effort to post the plays in a timely manner. I hope you're pleased with the results.

Much success and I look forward to helping you build that bankroll.

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